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Our company was established to support businesses and entrepreneurs that may be struggling in showcasing their best qualities that will assist in bringing their ideal clients.

  • Genius Flower Studio (GFS)


    We are a small, friendly and talented team that partners up and work with businesses and entrepreneurs to bring out the best in them. Every member of our team has spent many hours polishing professional skills and earning a unique experience. We love what we do. We are people that make a difference in the world.

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    Our services are designed to bring out the greatness in your business or project. Services include Web Services, Marketing Support, Animation, Pitch Decks, eBook Design Services, Mobile/Native Apps, Booking/Scheduling Systems, Business Reports, Graphic/Print Design, even Bookkeeping! Our services don't stop in our offices. We are of service in our communities and the world.

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    We Change the World

    "Giving back" - "pay it forward", these are a few phrases we believe in and practice. We are committed and dedicated to our clients and their success. Our community and world is also important to us. We dedicate time to the children in our community by volunteering our time and skills for young girls to teach them how to code and build robots and games. The difference we chose to make in the world is to build schools in developing countries. Currently, we are working to build a school in Ghana! You can join us in making a difference also.

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